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Dont_Panic_6How to Save Your Own Life When S***T Happens.

Wherever we are in the home or garden, danger is our constant companion. Trips, slips, falls, burns, cuts, shocks and bites, either individually or in tandem, can deliver us a medley of painful and potentially fatal afflictions. Sometimes we get a little help from our four-legged friends – cats and dogs.

According to former New South Wales paramedic Bryan Pittavino, weapons of mass destruction are everywhere – rugs, sharp edges, knives, power tools, lawn mowers and cars. Nowhere is particularly safe: even getting out of bed is hazardous.

In ” How to Save Your Own Life When S**T Happens”, Bryan offers some tips and tricks that could one day save your life.

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Kickstart A Dodgy Heart.

Think 4 minutes! That’s how long it will take you to view this App.

It’s the same time it takes for a person’s brain cells to begin to die after a heart attack - 4 minutes!

It doesn’t matter what you call it – coronary thrombosis, cardiac arrest or heart attack – it all adds up to one thing: the heart is knackered and the consequences may be fatal.

But in those 4 minutes YOU ...because if you know how to administer CPR, you can bring that person back to life!

How cool is that!

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htsyolHow to save your own life when s**t happens

Every day, all over Australia, hundreds of people attend
first aid courses. At the end of the day they have a
basic understanding of resuscitation techniques, how
to apply a tourniquet and all those other things that can make
the difference between life and death.

But what if you are the victim and there is nobody around
to help you? Even if you did a first aid course once upon a
time, would you know what to do if you

  • had a heart attack?
  • sliced off a finger with the bandsaw?
  • suffered an electric shock?

Any one of these conditions could kill you and you may
have only a handful of seconds to make a decision that could
save your life.

Bryan Pittavino is a former New South Wales paramedic. In
a career spanning 20 years, he has treated just about every
injury that can be inflicted on the unsuspecting, the unwary
and the downright careless.

In “How to Save YourOwn Life When S**t Happens” Bryan,
now a first aid trainer, talks you through some creative ways
to save your own life.

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... We found Bryan and his staff presented their sessions in a very professional and informative way for both students and staff members.  During these sessions a role-play accident scene (either beauty or hairdressing orientated) is acted out, where by the students need to put into practise everything they have just learnt - TAFE SA Noarlunga Campus Read more

 ... Bryan is innovative in his approach and is flexible to be able to adapt the training for any industry - OHSW Co-Ordinator, Uniting Care Wesley Read more

Medi Aide Emergency Training's Senior Training Consultant, Bryan Pittavino is recognised as one of South Australia's best Emergency First Aid Trainers.  This is reflected in the many Testimonials received by Medi Aide Emergency Training. Read more

From the initial contact right through to the completion of the training and subsequent follow up, the service provided by Bryan Pittavino and the team at Medi Aide was always professional.  By spending sometime with myself, Bryan was able to gain an understanding of our business and therefore structure the course to be relevant to our field of work - Human Resources Manager, Skilled Communications Read more

... Since his first presentation Bryan has delivered this course exceptionally well.  His ability to communicate with younger people and past experience as a paramedic has enabled him to do it in a very professional manner - Light Automotive Lecturer, MTA Group Training Scheme Read more

... Your genuine enthusiasm and ability gain the involvement of all students in every aspect of training both verbal and physical made the course very exciting - Des, Student Read more

... Bryan was able to keep the clients motivated the whole way through the course and the energy amongst the groups was amazing to see.  Many clients were reluctant to undertake the training and extremely hard to engage however Bryan was brilliant in bringing out the best in the clients and making the course a huge success, so much so that clients were asking if they could do more training with Medi Aide - Co-Ordinator Client Services, Uniting Care Wesley Read more

... Bryan and his crew are able to offer a tailor made training session that is informative, fun and at times very realistic - Project Manager Transmission, Bilfinger Berger Services Read more

... Medi Aide Emergency Training are also exceptional in the service of providing a resuscitation manakin (dummy) per student, thus reducing the chance of cross infection as well as streamlining the learning experience by not having to wait in line for a turn - Lecturer, TAFE Noarlunga Campus Read more

... Medi Aide's course content and real life scenarios ensure the training is relevant and interesting resulting in an enjoyable learning experience - Training & Development Co-Ordinator, City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council Read more

... Bryan,  Sincere thanks for an excellent course, your helpful guidance and your kindness and understanding - Oceanic Lighthouse Counselling Read more

... Their awareness and application of First Aid is an inspiring tool that assists the participants to realise how important this training is in their every day lives - CEO Enable Consultation Services   Read more

... We were so impressed with the quality of the training provided and the flexibility of the training staff that we now use their services to provide Basic First Aid Training - Office Manager, Roadsafe Australia Read more